Who we are?

General Atomics Europe GmbH stands at the head of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe, which is closely connected with the private American technology group General Atomics.

Commercially characterized and sales oriented consulting and support services for the companies of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe are in the focus of our business activities. At the same time we organize and coordinate the long-term oriented business activities of the Spezialtechnik-Group Dresden, which are developed reliably and flexibly in interactive work with the General Atomics group and also with the individual companies.

General Atomics Europe GmbH supports the companies of the group also in the Human Research sector, in general legal, insurance, and tax aspects up to direct overtaking of management tasks. In addition, General Atomics Europe GmbH performs works in selected fields.


Working Together – Benefit from each other

Thus, on the one hand the companies of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe have the possibility to participate in inter-company knowledge and on the other hand the strategic development of the companies regarding main topics is clearly defined. With doing so as well as by means of short ways of decisions, target-oriented investments, qualification of the employees, and direct responsibility the company essentially contributes to a long-lasting progressive development of the companies of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe.

Latest modification: 28.05.2019