Mission statement


Company philosophy

The firm name stands for
• Performing special services
• Delivery of special products
• Application of special technologies

At any time, the managements and employees of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe face the requirements of our customers and partners with a high degree of direct responsibility.
As service rendering firm and supplier, effectiveness, competence, and quality stand in the first place. This claim is guide and connecting link for all members of our companies being worldwide active.

Guideline Principles

Closely connected with the company philosophy are the guideline principles derived therefrom.
Whereby effectiveness stands for ability to work in a team, tenacity of purpose, and innovation.
Whereby competence is given by special knowledge, responsibility, and customer orientation.
Whereby quality is reached by our motivated, engaged, and innovative staff.

Clear ideas as to targets and ways how to reach them determine the everyday actions. They are the key for success and strength of our worldwide active group.
Added is the high confidence of the owner family into the actions of the managements in situ and at the same time the implementation into the association of firms of the General Atomics Group. All this is, last but not least, guarantee for our successful activities for more than twenty years.


Latest modification: 28.05.2019