Engines & Accessories 


Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house engine MRO shops.

Your aircraft engines let you take off with confidence when they are kept in excellent operating condition. Fly with safety and assurance. Rely on our engine MRO services.

Keeping your engine in shape is made easy by our proven, in-house inspection capabilities. Our technical specialists provide you with reliable and accurate MRO, inspection, testing and modification services to ensure your engines and the various accessories perform to highest expected standards. Trust our services for improved safety, reliability and compliance. EASA, FAA and Certificate of Compliance (CoC) certification is included.

Line Maintenance
Examination, inspection, modification, repairs, testing and troubleshooting.

Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20
General Electric CF34-10E

Line and heavy maintenance

Honeywell TPE331

Latest modification: 28.04.2023