Construction and commissioning of process plants for water treatment is based on interdisciplinary experience. In addition to the mining and remediation sector, proven solutions are available for industries, such as steel/nonferrous metals, chemistry/energy, and waste/biogas
Standardized and customized biogas pilot plants (BTP) for environmental sciences and biotechnology.


We develop, manufacture and supply smart sensor probes for measuring water quality and hydrological parameters (groundwater and surface water monitoring) combined with ultra-low power data loggers and remote terminal units (RTU).


Creation of complex technological solutions;  Recycling, structuring of material cycles and minimizing waste streams are significant contributions towards a resource-saving and environmentally friendly future.


Advanced geophysical surveying – Our goal is to give you the highest confidence and security in the underlying value of your mining project.
Our experienced team of geologists, engineers and process specialists primarily focus on enhancing efficiencies of metallurgical technologies.

Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT) belongs to General Atomics Europe Gruppe
and as such is part of the global network of General Atomics.

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