Our Locations

The General Atomics Europe Group is active throughout Germany. Take a look at the locations of our ten companies in Saxony, Brandenburg, Bavaria and Berlin.​


Dresden office

General Atomics Europe GmbH has its headquarters near Dresden Airport. Around 60 employees work here on administrative and management tasks for the entire group of companies. General Atomics Europe GmbH supports the Group companies in areas such as human resources, project management, marketing and communication, controlling and accounting, as well as general legal, insurance and tax issues, and even takes on management tasks directly.

General Atomics Europe GmbH
Zur Wetterwarte 27, 01109 Dresden


Berlin office

General Atomics Europe operates a capital city office in Berlin Mitte for public relations and networking for the Group's subsidiaries.

General Atomics Europe GmbH – Capital city office
Luisenstraße 46, 10117 Berlin


General Atomics Services Germany GmbH is located in the north of Dresden and develops and manages the real estate of General Atomics Europe. The company is also the IT service center of the General Atomics Europe Group.

General Atomics Services Germany GmbH
Zur Wetterwarte 27, 01109 Dresden 


B+F Beton- und Fertigteilgesellschaft mbH Lauchhammer is a state-of-the-art concrete plant. In 2023, the company opened one of the most modern concrete mixing plants in Germany. In Lauchhammer, around 90 employees produce a wide range of precast concrete parts for transportation, supply and disposal, the rail industry, environmental protection and infrastructure and deliver them to customers throughout Europe. In addition to production, the company also has a large storage area for the precast parts.

B+F Beton- und Fertigteilgesellschaft mbH Lauchhammer
Bockwitzer Straße 85, 01979 Lauchhammer


Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden is an internationally active technology center for plant engineering, water technology and extraction strategies for mineral raw materials. The approximately 80 employees develop state-of-the-art, customer-specific solutions.

Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden 
Zum Windkanal 21, 01109 Dresden


Brandenburg an der Havel location

The premises of GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H. GmbH are located in the Kirchmöser district in the west of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel. Here, the track construction mechanics team with around 150 employees maintains, modernizes and manufactures rail vehicles. GBM's mobile service team also operates throughout Germany from here. Kirchmöser is a traditional location for the rail industry with a history stretching back over 100 years. Over 10 kilometers of track have been laid on the factory premises.

GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H. GmbH
Adlerstraße 2, 14774 Brandenburg an der Havel


Mittenwalde location

In Mittenwalde, south of Berlin, GBM Gleisbaumechanik operates a company site and rents out real estate. The site has good transport links to the A10 and A13 motorways, as well as a rail siding.

GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H. GmbH
Adlerstraße 2, 14774 Brandenburg an der Havel


EST Energetics GmbH is based in the Steinbach district of Rothenburg/Oberlausitz. The company is a certified specialist company for the disposal of ammunition, batteries, pyrotechnic objects and explosives. The process energy generated at the site is used locally.

EST Energetics GmbH
Zweite Allee 1, 02929 Rothenburg/O.L.


Spreewerk Lübben GmbH is located in the north of the town of Lübben (Spreewald). The Spreewerk covers an area of around 190 hectares and has its own rail siding. In the past, ammunition was recycled at Spreewerk, but now the company has used its expertise in the recycling of hazardous materials and has developed into a specialist company for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Spreewerk Lübben GmbH
Börnichen 99,15907 Lübben


Lauchhammer location

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH is a company specializing in specialist construction services. From Lauchhammer, SGL carries out its orders in the fields of civil engineering and pipeline construction, environmental construction and ground stabilization. The company premises also offer logistics and storage space and parking spaces for the construction machinery fleet. The company was active in the recultivation of post-mining landscapes in the Lusatian and Central German mining areas.

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH
IKW-Straße 55, 01979 Lauchhammer


Analytical laboratory in Lübbenau/Spreewald

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH operates an independent, accredited analytical laboratory in the Lübbenau district of Kittlitz, where around 50 employees use state-of-the-art technology to carry out chemical, biological and limnological tests on various waters and solids. The analytical laboratory is also active in sampling.

Analytisches Labor der SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH
Vorberger Straße 8, 03222 Lübbenau / OT Kittlitz


The premises of General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH are located at the Oberpfaffenhofen-Munich Special Airport (EDMO), in a western suburb of Munich. The company, which employs around 400 people, manufactures the legendary Do228 in Oberpfaffenhofen. The company is also a one-stop service center for business jets and military helicopters with a good location in the center of Europe. The special airport Oberpfaffenhofen is known and valued as a research and development center for the aviation industry. Oberpfaffenhofen is located in close proximity to the Alps and the city of Munich, which is known worldwide for its historic city center.

General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH
Galileostraße 396, 82131 Gauting


GA PrecisionTech Europe GmbH is based in Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge, west of Chemnitz. The specialist company manufactures a wide range of individual parts and assemblies for the aviation industry in small batches and in the production of prototypes. The small town of Oelsnitz is located on the edge of the Erzgebirge.

GA PrecisionTech Europe GmbH
Pflockenstraße 14a, 09376 Oelsnitz