Vision and Strategy

The General Atomics Europe Group consists of ten companies in the business areas of aeronautics, infrastructure and sustainability. Our technological diversity is our strength.


We work every day to further develop our products and services in order to be a reliable partner for our business customers. In doing so, our focus is always on the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Together with our customers in the business fields of aeronautics, infrastructure and sustainability, we always find the optimal, tailor-made solution. We manufacture products according to your specifications and needs. Both in Germany and internationally, the quality work of the General Atomics Europe Group is appreciated. The companies of the group hold economic relations in more than 30 different countries.


We are a team and our employees are our most important success factor. Thanks to the commitment and inventiveness of our talented and motivated employees, the General Atomics Europe Group has been operating successfully for over 30 years. Openness, trust and mutual appreciation characterize our daily cooperation. In order to provide our team with an optimal working environment, we are constantly developing our sites.

Our mission


  • manage advanced business areas in high technology​
  • set standards in the aviation of the future​
  • are a reliable partner for rail, road and waterway infrastructure and help to shape the future of living space​
  • close the raw material cycle in industrial processes, in technology metals and in electromobility

This will make us a leading, integrated technology group for aeronautics, infrastructure and sustainability.​


General Atomics Technology Group

As part of the globally active General Atomics Group, we contribute to technological progress. More than 12,500 employees work for the General Atomics companies worldwide in various high-tech industries. For more information about General Atomics, please click here: