We close the raw material cycle in industrial processes and technology metals

Our  companies make an important contribution to sustainability, resource conservation and the circular economy. We close raw material cycles in industrial processes, technology metals and electromobility and set new technological standards, for example in plant engineering. Our specialists recycle electric batteries, ammunition and hazardous materials in a professional, safe and environmentally compliant way.  We return the recovered components to the material cycle and the process heat is used in the local energy supply. Our experienced team develops state-of-the-art, customer-specific solutions in plant construction for biogas, pilot and laboratory plants, as well as in the exploration of mineral raw materials and in water technology. In addition, our group of companies operates an independent accredited analytical laboratory in Lübbenau/Spreewald, where, for example, drinking water tests are carried out.


Laboratory analysis

In our accredited independent environmental laboratory we offer chemical, microbiological and limnological analyses of waters, solids and soils. In addition, we conduct various samplings.


Plant engineering and extraction processes

We are specialists in plant engineering. From biogas plants to mining water treatment - we plan and construct plants that are customized to your needs. In addition, we develop extraction processes that are specifically tailored to mineral raw materials.


Recycling and processing

Our companies are certified specialists in recycling, thermal recovery and disposal of various explosive and hazardous materials.

The Sustainability Business Area in numbers:


Approximately 225 employees


4 locations


Over 17,500 t of explosives and approx. 25,500 t of propellants recycled


Approx. 15 million pieces of pyrotechnics professionally recycled


More than 250 million pieces of ammunition demilitarized


Over 7,500 t of airbag parts disposed


More than 25 different analytical methods for water and solid samples


More than 5,000 water samples analyzed in the analytical laboratory


Over 500 samples taken