Visions need Specialists


performs commercially characterized and marketing oriented consulting and support services for the companies of the group. The Aviation Business Unit coordinates all activities for GA-ASI in Germany.


Innovative manufacturer of and service provider for  special rail vehicles – ranging from production via modernization and maintenance up to 24/7/52 in-situe service.


Leading development and application centre in the fields of environmental monitoring, exploration and process technologies for water and mineral resources.


performs environmentally friendly and special innovative services in the construction and environmental sector and operates an independent chemical-analytical laboratory.


Develops, produces  and assembles voluminous prefabricated reinforced concrete elements for supply and disposal, environmental protection, traffic and communication.


environmentally friendly and innovative disposal of conventional munitions and explosives at 97% reuse of the components in the civil market.


is active in the field of demilitarization of conventional munitions and explosives and uses the process heat enregetically.


develops and manages properties of the Spezialtechnik-Gruppe Dresden.


General Atomics Europe GmbH is at the head of the General Atomics Europe Gruppe
and as such part of the global network of General Atomics.

Latest modification: 22.05.2019